The Leader Development and Resources Committee (LDR) is committed to encouraging volunteerism among UUCB’s members and friends as a form of ministry, assisting them in identifying meaningful and enjoyable ways to serve the congregation.  The committee provides leadership training and resources, and recruits nominees for election during the congregation’s annual meeting.  Here is a full list of LDR’s tasks and goals. 


  • A list of leadership training opportunities and resources may be found here.
  • Here is a presentation by Gay Canough on effective meeting facilitation.
  • Here is information from Karen Manzer on how to plan, schedule and publicize your UUCB event.
  • Here is a summary of UUCB committee chair responsibilities.
  • Here are basic instructions for navigating UUCB’s online database.
  • Here are helpful database tools available to authorized volunteers.
  • A scholarship application to support leadership development for our congregants is available here.   Completed scholarship applications may be sent electronically to or mailed to the church office.

Committee members for 2024-25 are:

Madeleine Cotts
Pat Kissick
Debby Herman
Kathleen McKenna