The committee consists of five members serving 2-year staggered terms, with a maximum of two consecutive terms. The committee meets monthly 10-12 months per year, and chooses its own chair.  When discussing potential candidates or scholarship recipients, the committee meets in closed executive session, and its proceedings must be kept confidential. 

Committee tasks and goals:

  • Encourage volunteerism among our members and friends as a form of ministry, assisting them in identifying meaningful and enjoyable ways to serve the congregation.
  • With the Membership Committee, identify congregants’ needs, interests and talents, and develop a path to leadership comparable to our path to membership.
  • Provide training opportunities for congregants at all stages of leadership development.
  • Support partnerships and shared learning opportunities with other UU congregations, and with the broader community.
  • Research and publicize leadership development resources available through the UUA, CERG and other organizations
  • Recruit and nominate candidates for election at the congregational annual meeting, per UUCB’s by-laws.
  • Archive congregants’ prior service to the congregation, and responses to LDR’s recruitment requests, including possibilities for commitments at a future time.    
  • Offer and administer scholarships to congregants for outside leadership training.