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Covenant and Consent

In recent years, I have come to see the concept of ‘Consent’ as a Rosetta Stone of ethics. Primarily (but not exclusively) in questions of sexual intimacy, consent allows everyone clarity, dignity, and agency. 
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  • The Stuffies Were Here!
    UUCB Family Ministry recently hosted a stuffed animal sleepover camp right here in our space that is being renovated! Here is the highlights video.
  • Director of Family Ministry
    UUCB is presently searching for a Director of Family Ministry. If you may wish to apply for this position, take a look at the DFM job description.
  • Renovation Tours
    This post contains links to three tours — the first two were created by UUCB members and the third tour was created by our architect, Laura Intscher. On December 29, Madeleine Cotts, Eric Cotts, and Douglas Taylor created two virtual tour videos that show how our renovation is looking at this time.  The first video, featuring ...
  • New Link & Password to UUCB’s Services & Social Hour
    Beginning in July, Zoom is imposing new security arrangements for all Zoom meetings.  The connection link for our Sunday services and social hour has changed.  People connecting via phone will have a new meeting ID and they must enter a passcode, which is 183183.  If anyone would like assistance, Jeff Donahue is available for help.  The ...
  • Stewardship: Paying Your Pledge
    From Shawn Steketee: Board members have been receiving questions about how to pay pledges or make donations and where they should be sent. There are several ways you can pay your pledge or make a donation: 1. Mail a check  payable to UUCB at PO Box 1496, Binghamton NY 13902. This is our new PO Box address, ...

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How Members Describe Us

A wonderful place to be who you are and connect with others sharing spiritual growth.

A community of people willing to listen to each other and have some fun along the way to a socially just/spiritually tolerant world. ~Joan H.

I see the UU Congregation of Binghamton as warm, caring, supportive, socially conscious, and intellectually curious. ~Toni N.

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