The amazing story of polar explorer Ernest Shackleton offers relevant lessons for our contemporary situation as we navigate our way through uncharted and dangerous waters. 

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Spiritually Promiscuous

Annie Dillard used this phrase to describe herself in the 70’s. I find it a good descriptor for many UUs including myself. I partake of multiple spiritual sources in my search for the intimate and ultimate values in life.

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Punishing the Poor

The idea of Defunding the Police highlights how our legal system is designed to protect property and the privileged. What might a different system look like? What might a legal system rooted in our UU values and principles look like? Could it work?

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Like-Hearted People

I often hear people say they like being at their church with like-minded people. But this is too restricting — it constrains learning from so many others with different experiences, beliefs and cultures. I prefer to be with like-hearted people with similar core values and … read more.

Start with the Science

There is a version of Process Theology that is non-theistic; there is no God element in this version. Some wonder how ‘God’ could be removed and the theology still hold together. I say it’s not that hard to figure out.

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Look at All the Lonely People

All our quarantining and distancing has left us lonely and a little out of touch with one another.  Do we remember how to rekindle our regular patterns of relationship? Do we remember how to make new friends? 

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