Oct 4         “Of Ears and Errors”          Amanda Jones and Reverend Douglas Taylor
Have you ever played the ‘telephone’ game in which a message gets passed along the line and jumbled up until it is unrecognizable? Or do you spend extra energy on listening to help you understand and have clarity? 

Oct 11         “May The Forest Be With You”   Reverend Janet Shortall *
We must look to the rhythms of the natural world to guide and inform our living, especially in these times.   

*Bio:  Janet Shortall, an ordained UU minister and member of First Unitarian Society of Ithaca, works as an Associate Dean of Students at Cornell University where she leads the university crisis management team.

Oct 18                  ” My Faith Is Not Fascist-Friendly”          Reverend Douglas Taylor
What is fascism? What’s Antifa? What is happening to our democratic republic? Let us consider these questions through the lens of our Unitarian Universalist values

Oct 25                   “Do You Hear?”          Reverend Douglas Taylor
With this month’s theme of “Deep Listening,” I wonder about our perception of reality and how our brains are very good at filling in gaps with what we expect the world to be. I’ll share the story of magenta as an example.