“Right attitudes are never sufficient alone. They must find embodiment in social institutions. Indeed, one must say that one does not even understand the meaning of ‘right attitudes’ or even of a theology until one recognizes their implications for social organization.” ~James Luther Adams

It cannot be emphasized enough that Unitarian Universalism entails not only the right and responsibility to come to our own theological understanding — a freedom of belief — but that freedom of belief also calls us, demands us, to participate in social justice work.

UUs in Boulder, CO

The “rightness” of our theological beliefs cannot be understood without our involvement in trying to make the world reflect the values we hold. Our UUCB members can be found on the front lines of social justice action both locally and nationally, even internationally. We engage in service projects in the Southern Tier, board buses to protest in Albany, and march on Washington DC when injustice calls us to act. Above all, we seek a fairer, more just world for all peoples, and join our voices with others who are lifting up those who suffer at the hands of unfair systems. Come, join in the work, and add your voice.