Topic: Justice

The Equality State

Join us for a First Sunday worship and workshop on the monthly theme of Justice and Equity. Through story and song, we will explore these key values of Unitarian Universalism together.

We hope to see you in person! Our COVID policy has been suspended … read more.

Radical Creativity in Uncertain Times

Not everyone is convinced that the moral arc of the universe bends towards justice. Whether we are inclined to be sympathetic to the idea of inevitable progress or have a more ambivalent view of the universe, tough times can bring crippling doubt. Are we constrained … read more.

Thinking, Being, Doing, Feeling

One or two of these quadrants of spirituality probably come easy to us. The other two or three might be like a foreign language. It is important to find balance between them, especially in liminal seasons.
Rev. James Galasinski has served the UU Church of Canton, … read more.

Divine Justice

Let’s explore the historical roots of some concepts of afterlife as we consider what justice means to us and to our neighbors.
Rev. T. J. FitzGerald serves as Minister of Community Care and Engagement at First Unitarian Church of Dallas. He has previously served congregations in … read more.

How This All Gets Better

Reproductive rights are being undermined, our democracy has taken a heavy political blow, Nazis are back in the public square, our society is divided, and corporations continue to post record profits while regular folks suffer economically. And it is not mere pablum when I affirm: … read more.

The Last, the Lost, and the Least

Many of us lead lives of privilege and power. Rather than inspire a feeling of noblesse oblige, I want to call forth justice and compassion. Let’s add prayer and participation to our privilege and power.

Sunday services are online only until further notice.

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Punishing the Poor

The idea of Defunding the Police highlights how our legal system is designed to protect property and the privileged. What might a different system look like? What might a legal system rooted in our UU values and principles look like? Could it work?

We hope to … read more.