Topic: Connection

The Taming of Foxes

It is a powerful experience to know yourself and to be known by others. Our new Chalice Circles are a way to form ties with others and to deepen your self-knowledge. Our groups strengthen the heart of our community through meaning-making and simple friendships. We hope to see you in person! Our COVID policy has been suspended … Continue reading The Taming of Foxes

Grandma’s Hands

Trauma takes up residence in our bodies. Healing also begins with our bodies. Remembering, or perhaps we could say, “re-member-ing” ourselves as individuals is not done in isolation. We need communities where the healing can ripple out.  We hope to see you in person! Our COVID policy has been suspended and masking is now optional. … Continue reading Grandma’s Hands


UU musician Jim Scott wrote a song that starts with the line, “May your life be as a song, resounding with the dawn to sing awake the light.” How in today’s world can we greet the day with this kind of courage? It is our intention to wake the glimmer of this song in each … Continue reading Courage

Rooted in Beauty

We are meant to be connected. We are meant to have roots that go down and also runners that travel out! We are meant to be in this together so we all might thrive. All this isolation and division around us cannot last and does not serve. We are meant to be connected. We hope … Continue reading Rooted in Beauty

Widening the Circle

This pandemic has shrunk our circles of connection. Many of us lament the circumscribed living we are experiencing. Yes, love demands we care for the health of our community, I am not suggesting we stop being careful and care-full. But we can creatively draw our circle wider.     Sunday services are online only until further … Continue reading Widening the Circle