Speaker: Rev. Douglas Taylor and Amanda Jones

Of Ears and Errors

Have you ever played the ‘telephone’ game in which a message gets passed along the line and jumbled up until it is unrecognizable? Or do you spend extra energy on listening to help you understand and have clarity?  We will have First Sunday workshops following … read more.


Join us for an online version of our traditional ingathering service. The worship team is creating something special since we can’t be in-person yet. There will be music and stories, a twist on the usual water ceremony, and some thought-provoking reflections as well. 

Order of Service … read more.

Integrity in Our Bones

Join us for our first Sunday as guests at United Presbyterian. Notice the new schedule: Social Hour is at 11:30, Worship starts at 12:30. After worship, instead of our usual ‘First Sunday Workshops’ we will have tours, a Q&A, and some engaging activities (for all … read more.