The Unitarian Universalist Congregation is a place where I have always felt free to be me. There is a great deal of openness, and compassion, appreciation and respect for others. ~Vicky G.

A community of people willing to listen to each other and have some fun along the way to a socially just/spiritually tolerant world. ~Joan H.

I see the UU Congregation of Binghamton as warm, caring, supportive, socially conscious, and intellectually curious. ~Toni N.

UUCB exemplifies what I am seeking in community: Diversity, social responsibility, caring community, and wonderful friends. ~Anne L.

Day and Night
Sunday morning worship; with our minister in the pulpit, the Sun shining down through the windows, and Branwen whispering in my ear.
Full moon night; singing and dancing, trancing with the God/desses. ~Darin G.

Sundays at UU are a balance of just enough the same to feel like home and always a different special message–through wonderful music, inspirational readings and sermon, and the personal offerings of a true blend of interesting people open to sharing their spirit. ~Jan F.

This is a welcoming place. ~Laura H.

A wonderful place to be who you are and connect with others sharing spiritual growth. ~Jan F.

I feel as if I have added to my extended family and am able to be my authentic self, and learn how to refine that! ~Linda M.

I found an instant spiritual home in this congregation. Fellowship and community abound here. ~Gloria T.

When the going gets tough, UUs will have your back. ~Marilyn C.

We are a welcoming, “people oriented,” congregation where one is welcomed in with a loving, caring spirit. All are welcomed to respectfully embrace and share their own beliefs. ~Karen J.

Won’t you be my neighbor? ~Fred R.

It helps me be a better person. ~Mary W.

If you are looking for a real “community,” give us a try. ~Carol

We embrace all that makes the world a better place. ~Aubrey C.

Unitarian Universalism is a non-prejudgment of a person’s approach to religion. ~Scott H.

When I first attended, I was welcomed. Here, I found both personal and spiritual growth through working on various committees. ~JoAnn F.

I tell “outsiders” you meet some of the best people at UUCB! The music is uplifting on Sunday mornings. ~Barb N.

A thought-provoking second family. ~Steve K.

This congregation has enriched my life in so many ways: friends, life-changing sermons, celebrations fo seasons, holidays, and rites of passage. ~Barb N.

The UUCB welcomes you with open arms. And the music is great! ~Nancy K.

A wonderful place to be who you are and connect with others sharing spiritual growth.