Topic: Resilience


Resilience is our capacity to “bounce back” from the hard things we experience. As science studies this vital capacity which helps us endure and thrive, we are learning concrete ways we can increase our resilience as individuals and as a community. Together we will consider: … read more.

Compost Happens

We all deal with a lot of “compost” in our lives, and how we choose to respond is just as important – if not more important – than what actually happens to us.    We can either spend our lives being miserable, playing the victim, … read more.

Forever Changed

Sexual assault is always a traumatic event and the effects often last a lifetime. As Unitarian Universalists, what can we do to change the culture of rape?

This service and the “Forgiveness and Child Abuse” workshops will address difficult material that might be upsetting for some … read more.