Topic: Brokenness

Whom Would Jesus Cancel?

“Cancel Culture” continues to be a problem. It is the urge to remove, silence, or ‘shut down’ a person, a group of people, or an idea that is deemed harmful or dangerous. It is a desire for consequences in response to a perceived menace. But what is the spiritual value in ‘canceling’? We hope to … Continue reading Whom Would Jesus Cancel?

Songs, Soldiers, Survivors

Many soldiers and their families struggle with trauma after their service. One organization is partnering vets with professional songwriters to co-write songs that tell the veterans’ stories. The process can be cathartic for the vets and poignant for their families.  We hope to see you in person! Here is the current in-person gathering policy. Online … Continue reading Songs, Soldiers, Survivors

Earth Hospice

How can we live with the great challenges of climate change without falling into despair or focusing only on the practical things we can do in our lives? One way is to bring mindful attention and ceremony to that which is passing. We hope to see you in person! Masks are optional. Here is the … Continue reading Earth Hospice

The Tyranny of Merit

Sixty years ago, a British sociologist predicted that the closer we came to having a true meritocracy, the more the winners would ignore the losers and the more the losers would resent the winners. Two thirds of American workers today do not have a four year college degree. Many now feel forgotten, ignored, and humiliated. … Continue reading The Tyranny of Merit

Broken Wing

Our local UU clergy cluster has again created and recorded a worship service for our congregations to share – Athens & Sheshequin, Binghamton, Cortland, Schenectady, Syracuse (First), Syracuse (May), and Utica. This season, let us take a moment to honor the intertwining experiences of brokenness and grace.This will be a prerecorded service shared over zoom … Continue reading Broken Wing