Topic: Thresholds

Rowing Toward Home

We’ve been out at sea for a while now. What have we learned during our time in self-quarantine – about ourselves, about our faith, and about the world around us?  What will we become?

Cacophony and Symphony

Dr. King talked about a choice between chaos and community – is it a choice? There must be a trick, because why would anyone not choose community? Bonus: This Sunday will be our annual Flower Communion Ceremony. For an online version of this, please take a photo (or many photos) of your flower(s) and send … Continue reading Cacophony and Symphony

Comfort, Connection, Distraction

During this time of social distancing and isolation, many people are turning to the arts for comfort, connection and distraction.  Musicians are offering live-streamed performances, museums virtual tours, and Facebook is encouraging people to recreate famous paintings with their families and cameras. Have comfort, connection and distraction become your spiritual practice?

Standing in the Doorway

Finding the balance – the healthy tension – between ‘keeping things steady’ and ‘shaking it up,’ we can sometimes get stuck trying to make progress without losing anything important.