Topic: First Sunday

Nurturing Beauty

Call to mind one of the most beautiful things you’ve ever experienced. Was it a work or art? Or maybe a relationship? Perhaps it was a time out in nature or some other experience that caught your breath. Join us Sunday to share about such … read more.


Where do we come from? Why does the cat smell like that? Is there a creator of everything? How does a clock work? What do we owe one another? We have so many questions! Our curiosity can be the beginning of understanding, it can awaken … read more.

Memory Tree

The Day of the Dead, Halloween, Samhain, and All Souls Day are all different cultural invitations into honoring the transition from life to death, of remembering loved ones we have lost. This Sunday we will host a Memory Tree ritual together for our First Sunday … read more.

The Art of Becoming

We will have our ‘First Sunday’ worship here on the second Sunday of April. Our monthly theme is ‘becoming’ and we will share stories, songs, and reflections together on the art of becoming our best selves together. Join us after the service for our traditional … read more.

How Do Covenants Work?

Join us for stories, songs, and reflections on the theme of the month – Beloved Community. A root element of Beloved Community is the balance of “Justice, Equity, and Compassion;” a trio of values that is also found in the Second Principle of Unitarian Universalism. … read more.

Spiritual Imagination

The ability to talk about and to work toward something that does not yet exist is part of what makes human beings amazing. The line between make-believe and lies is crucial in understanding how we co-create the better world we long for.

First Sunday workshops follow … read more.

Still Moving

Another winter of snow and cold is set for our near future. We find we must again slow down, shelter in place, cease from so much activity, and settle into a sustainable stillness. Our theme for December is Stillness. Join us for stories and songs … read more.