A Universe of Connections

This month, the theme is “Interdependence.” This is another one of our big ‘values’ words for the year. Join as we talk about our connections in worship and then join us for our workshops after the service.

We hope to see you in person! Our COVID policy has been suspended and masking is now optional.

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Meeting ID: 979 8969 6520 
Passcode: 183183
Phone: +1 929 205 6099

Order of Service: uubinghamton.org/order-of-service/

First Sunday Workshops 

“Introduction to Qigong” with Rick Gridley in the Chapel. Want to try something new for the new year? Join us for this introduction to Qigong (pronounced “Chee Gung”). Qigong is an ancient healing art integrating slow movements with controlled breathing and focused intention that helps to heal and create balance physically, mentally and emotionally. Besides improving the immune system and countering the effects of chronic stress, tension and pain, qigong’s gentle movements produce many benefits, including greater range of motion, increased stamina and improved balance. No previous experience needed. Open to ages 14 and above. Rick Gridley, the presenter, is a certified qigong instructor, yoga teacher and school librarian at Broome Tioga BOCES.
“Outreach Workshop – Creating Community Interdependence” with G.E. Canough in the Rainbow Room. The Outreach Committee has been working for the past year on ways to get the word out about UUCB. Come to this workshop to see what we are doing and find out how you, as a congregant, can help us take it to the next level! There are some easy things we can all do to invite people in and help retain people who visit. We also welcome new ideas from you!
“Fun With Recyclables” with Monika Fridrich in the Social Hall. In celebration of Earth Day and our 7th principle (respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part), we will use recyclable materials to design fun, unique creations, MakerSpace style! If you have an empty soda can or two, bring it along, but we will have extras on hand. All ages welcome!
“Board Game Fun” with Pete and Shawn Steketee in the Social Hall. Join board game aficionado Peter Steketee in playing a fun, creative board game! Pete and Shawn can accommodate up to 6 players, age 11 or above. Game to be announced at the workshop.

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