Topic: Courage

Be Ordinarily Brave

What does it mean to be a people of courage?  Each of us have counter-cultural “leanings” that we don’t lean into as fully as we’d often wish. How might we lean into our counter-cultural self a little bit more?  Where are the everyday moments of … read more.


UU musician Jim Scott wrote a song that starts with the line, “May your life be as a song, resounding with the dawn to sing awake the light.” How in today’s world can we greet the day with this kind of courage? It is our … read more.

Earth Hospice

How can we live with the great challenges of climate change without falling into despair or focusing only on the practical things we can do in our lives? One way is to bring mindful attention and ceremony to that which is passing.

We hope to see … read more.

Risking Everything in the Desert

To create is to assert ourselves in a way that is risky, that invites moving into the unknown. What can you do to risk the gifts you possess to expand love and grace in the world?

Rev. Jo VonRue serves as the Minister at May Memorial … read more.