Topic: Community

Making the World a Better Place

This morning in the service we will share the results of a special challenge we gave to a handful of UUCB families – we asked them what they might do to make the world a better place, and we gave them some resources to follow through … read more.

The Taming of Foxes

It is a powerful experience to know yourself and to be known by others. Our new Chalice Circles are a way to form ties with others and to deepen your self-knowledge. Our groups strengthen the heart of our community through meaning-making and simple friendships.

We hope to see … read more.

Grandma’s Hands

Trauma takes up residence in our bodies. Healing also begins with our bodies. Remembering, or perhaps we could say, “re-member-ing” ourselves as individuals is not done in isolation. We need communities where the healing can ripple out. 

We hope to see you in person! … read more.

Freedom Clause

The “freedom clause” has long been a fascinating part of our Unitarian and Universalists histories. It allowed us to have a statement of identity without requiring conformity. This Sunday is a celebration of our collaboration with the UU churches in Athens, PA and Cortland NY.

We … read more.

Church: Why Bother?

The trends are upon us! Attendance and participation in religious communities are declining in the US across the board. This has been going on for a while, but the pandemic increased things. Maybe there are good reasons for not attending that we can learn from. … read more.

The HeaRT of our Congregation

We all want a strong community at UUCB, and a big part of that is learning how to have healthy conflict.  Learning how to express our full selves, even when we disagree, frees up our spiritual and emotional energy to care for each other and … read more.

Disabled Joy: Honoring Disability Pride Month

In a world where Disabled folks/people with disabilities face lifelong challenges, it’s important to remember that we have talents and strengths, as well as joys to celebrate. This service aims to suggest that we do not just need to be aware of ministering to people … read more.


Join us for our annual ceremony to honor the passages and transitions in the life of our congregation. We will celebrate our new members and read the names of all those who have had a birth, marriage, or death from within our congregation. Following this … read more.