The HeaRT of our Congregation

We all want a strong community at UUCB, and a big part of that is learning how to have healthy conflict.  Learning how to express our full selves, even when we disagree, frees up our spiritual and emotional energy to care for each other and pursue our mission.  Come learn about how the Healthy Relations Team (HeaRT) can help to make that possible.

The HeaRT Team: Becca Boerger, Dylan Cooke, Ellen McNulty, Christine McWhirter and Lynne Theophanis
Our Summer Services (July 2 through September 3) are in-person only. See here for a Zoom option for visiting other congregations during the summer.

Our COVID policy has been suspended and masking is now optional.

Order of Service:

UUCB Social Hour

You are invited to join the in-person social hour after the service.

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