Topic: Belonging

Integrity in Exile

The Jewish people experienced exile a few times (as recorded in scripture.) After the destruction of the temple in 70 C.E., the Jewish people became the ‘diaspora.’ It is difficult to hold a communal identity without a communal location.

How to Belong when the World Wants You Lonely Brene Brown has done notable work around empathy and vulnerability. Listen to her lessons about how “Belonging” is a product of kindness mixed with strength.

How to Be a Perfect Stranger Within a few months, we will turn our building over to the renovation process. We will go across town and worship in another community’s space for a few months. We will be in temporary exile, relying on the hospitality of others.

CB’s Pre-emptive Radical Inclusion

Our “First Sunday” 45-minute worship will follow the monthly topic of “Belonging.” How do we know when we are really included in a group? It’s about creating “just, loving, and creative spaces” in the world.