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Maundy Thursday

All are welcome to join in our annual communion service. Gathering in our chapel, we use elements of the traditional Christian communion ritual with a Unitarian Universalist twist. Our historic UUCB communion silver will be used.

We hope to see you in person! Our … read more.

Deeper into the Well

The world around us grows more divisive and draining. We find ourselves as ‘consumer’ even as we feel ourselves as one of the things being consumed! We are longing for a dimension of depth in our living.

We hope to see you in person! … read more.

Democracy Unveiled in Song

This service asks us to take a careful look at the nature and state of our “democracy” in the United States. Until recently, many of us, including the speaker, may have taken its security for granted, but now it is clearly in peril and we … read more.

Faithful Anxiety

Not all anxiety is bad or unhealthy – often, but not always. Systems thinking has given us the phrase ‘non-anxious presence’ as personal goal when dealing with conflict. But a good level of anxiety is healthy for a system and an individual to aid in … read more.

What the Dragonfly Knows

Transformation is a word we use a lot in religion. How much do we really know about ‘becoming.’ Join us this morning as we talk about the intersection of ‘becoming’ and ‘belonging!’ And join us after for First Sunday workshops. (This is also the launch … read more.

The Distortion of Our Best Values

Hope, Tolerance, Peace, Self-Respect and even Love. At times we are fed a message that these important, guiding values of our liberal faith are dangerous and bad for society. And some of the arguments make a lot of sense! It makes me think there is … read more.

Rest Is Resistance

There is a lot of attention on Self-Care in our society. Exhaustion is seen as a mark of status, and being busy is a sign of success. But should rest and renewal be a luxury allowed to only those who can afford it?

We hope to … read more.

The Equality State

Join us for a First Sunday worship and workshop on the monthly theme of Justice and Equity. Through story and song, we will explore these key values of Unitarian Universalism together.

We hope to see you in person! Our COVID policy has been suspended … read more.