Speaker: Rev. Douglas Taylor


Join us for our beloved passages service in which we celebrate Births, Deaths, and Marriages from within our congregation, as well as honor New Members and Bridging youth. After the service we will have our Annual Congregational Meeting.

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Ugly Tao

Early in the Tao Te Ching, (chapter 2) we are introduced to the paradox of polarities: good and bad, tall and short, beautiful and ugly. The lesson seems to be to embrace both ends of the pole as meaningless.  Or are they both equally meaningful? Or … read more.

My Problematic Role Models 

Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. And he had children with a ‘mistress’ whom he owned. Modern comedians, singers, and authors are pilloried in the press for being morally problematic – yet their jokes, music, and books are beloved. What are we to do?

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Where Do We Go When We Die? 

This question often gets mislabeled as a question about beliefs and faith. Really it is a question about love and loss. Religions through the ages attempt to answer. I will attempt to answer. But it is important to know what is really at stake in … read more.

Elements of Style

I don’t mean the writing style guide. I am talking about the elements of earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. The old taxonomy of the four (or five) elements is still informative and can serve to guide our spiritual growth. 

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Heaven in our Hands

We Unitarian Universalists do not spend a lot of time talking about heaven anymore. It used to be a significant talking point. I suspect, however, that our various beliefs and values still point strongly toward an idea like heaven, an idea like love.

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Widening the Circle

This pandemic has shrunk our circles of connection. Many of us lament the circumscribed living we are experiencing. Yes, love demands we care for the health of our community, I am not suggesting we stop being careful and care-full. But we can creatively draw our … read more.

Long Live the Kind

The Dalai Lama has said: “My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.” To be ‘kind’ is to intentionally treat others as ‘kin,’ as family. What would our lives be like if kindness was our central focus? 

Sunday services are online only until further notice.

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