Speaker: Rev. Douglas Taylor

Words of Wonder

As Unitarian Universalists, we use a variety of words and concepts to talk about the holy or ‘the transcending mystery’ or God. See?!? I can’t even write a description of this worship without using three different words for it. Come, let us revel in our … read more.

The Queen’s Loaves

Join us for a story of power and gratitude, wisdom and food! We invite you to bake and bring in a loaf of bread that is special to you. Maybe it is a recipe from your grandmother or from your an-cestral culture. How many loaves … read more.

Thank You, Sanctuary

What has happened for you in this sanctuary over the years? Were there special events, friendships formed, or even epiphanies? What has this room witnessed of your life? As we prepare to change our building, let us attend to the fact that our building has … read more.

CB’s Pre-emptive Radical Inclusion

Our “First Sunday” 45-minute worship will follow the monthly topic of “Belonging.” How do we know when we are really included in a group? It’s about creating “just, loving, and creative spaces” in the world.