Speaker: Rev. Douglas Taylor

Babble and Gratitude

With all the noise and disharmony in the world, let us gather for a Sunday full of of gratitude. We will have a dramatic story, some good music, and a few deeper thoughts on where we are as a community and what’s next – thankfully. 

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Do You Hear?

With this month’s theme of “Deep Listening,” I wonder about our perception of reality and how our brains are very good at filling in gaps with what we expect the world to be. I’ll share the story of magenta as an example. 

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My Faith Is Not Fascist-Friendly

What is fascism? What’s Antifa? What is happening to our democratic republic? Let us consider these questions through the lens of our Unitarian Universalist values.
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The Worship Wave of the Future

Online Worship started as a response to a crisis and has become a new normal. We’ve jumped started changes that ought to have taken us years to accept. What will the lasting impact be for us about how we ‘do church’ as a UU movement … read more.