Holding the Ribbons, Dancing Between the Worlds of the Past, Present, and Future

The holiday of Beltaine offers a sense of how we see the world. We hold ribbons honoring life transitions experienced over the past year or years, current events, or with an eye towards future hopes and dreams. Possibly, when we look at our church and organizations, this same dynamic is occurring and could be either what fuels new thinking or inhibits it. What ribbon do you hold when dancing and participating in the community? Let’s look together to see!

Rev. Jerrie Hildebrand has been affiliated with various national earth and nature-centered organizations since 1986, serving on governing boards and in different official roles. She is Past President and current Communications Chair of the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans, Inc., and a member of First Church Salem Unitarian Universalist in Salem, Massachusetts. She has been an ordained Circle Sanctuary minister since 2005.

Rev. Hildebrand participated with the team that initiated the quest for Armed Forces veterans to have their sacred symbols on government-issued headstones upon their death by illustrating the Pentacle and Awen symbols for the grave markers. She served as a volunteer Wiccan/Pagan/Earth-Centered chaplain at the state and regional federal correctional systems for 13 years.  As an Ambassador to the Parliament of the World Religions from 2014 to 2020, Rev. Hildebrand served on the Ambassador Advisory Council (AAC) as a co-convener.
Occasionally, she still teaches workshops nationally at gatherings on various topics, from working with the media, sacred listening, developing structures for organizations, and forgiveness from a Pagan context.  She trains extensively with transformational models of thinking and trusts in thinking outside of the box.
Aside from this, she runs a small creative design and marketing company and coordinates the integrated media and graphic design program at a local community college. She loves hanging out with her family during downtime, conjuring up yummy food, and loving her cats.

We hope to see you in person! Our COVID policy has been suspended and masking is now optional.

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