Topic: Inclusion

Disabled Joy: Honoring Disability Pride Month

In a world where Disabled folks/people with disabilities face lifelong challenges, it’s important to remember that we have talents and strengths, as well as joys to celebrate. This service aims to suggest that we do not just need to be aware of ministering to people with disabilities/Disabled folks (accessibility, etc.) but to encourage folks with … Continue reading Disabled Joy: Honoring Disability Pride Month

The Tyranny of Merit

Sixty years ago, a British sociologist predicted that the closer we came to having a true meritocracy, the more the winners would ignore the losers and the more the losers would resent the winners. Two thirds of American workers today do not have a four year college degree. Many now feel forgotten, ignored, and humiliated. … Continue reading The Tyranny of Merit

In Our Image We Create Them

The opening creation poem of Genesis is filled with binaries. Gender is one of them. “Let Us create them…” God says. That might be the ‘royal-we’, a holy committee, or a Non-Binary Deity. Meeting ID: 979 8969 6520 Passcode: 183183Phone: +1 929 205 6099 Order of Service: UUCB Zoom Social Hour We also host a Zoom … Continue reading In Our Image We Create Them

How to Belong when the World Wants You Lonely Brene Brown has done notable work around empathy and vulnerability. Listen to her lessons about how “Belonging” is a product of kindness mixed with strength.

How to Be a Perfect Stranger Within a few months, we will turn our building over to the renovation process. We will go across town and worship in another community’s space for a few months. We will be in temporary exile, relying on the hospitality of others.

CB’s Pre-emptive Radical Inclusion

Our “First Sunday” 45-minute worship will follow the monthly topic of “Belonging.” How do we know when we are really included in a group? It’s about creating “just, loving, and creative spaces” in the world.