Topic: Ethics

Real Pro-Life Is Pro-Earth

The truth is that a pro-life stance would protect our earth and our water. A real pro-life stance would fight against poverty and champion healthcare for all. That other crowd is really just pro-birth, which is too small and stingy to truly serve life.

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My Problematic Role Models 

Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. And he had children with a ‘mistress’ whom he owned. Modern comedians, singers, and authors are pilloried in the press for being morally problematic – yet their jokes, music, and books are beloved. What are we to do?

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Do I Have to Love Everyone?

This is an old sermon I wanted to record. I figured you might want to hear it again too. Our UU tradition says God is Love and we should be loving as well. But do we really have to love everyone? There are some problematic … read more.