In-Person Meetings in the Time of Pandemic Policy Recommendations

In this strange and difficult time, the comfort and community of our congregation is sorely needed. We all yearn to be together again in ways other than from our own little Brady family boxes. Yet the concern over the potential deadliness of this virus must overwhelm any rush back to normalcy. Yet we cannot remain in limbo, either. This policy is designed to protect health and vitality of the Congregation and its members as we make our way back to a time when we no longer need to take such drastic measures. It may be that this policy will need to be altered before it can be set aside altogether. We commend our members for adhering to these measures that may feel strange or artificial. Thank you. – 2020-21 UUCB Board

No in-person events can be held if the County has declared limitations on such gatherings.

We strongly recommend that In-Person Gathering Application be submitted 1 week (7 days) prior to the meeting.

Event organizers (including small group or committees) must submit an Application for In-Person Gathering including time, place, participants, and who will serve as Covid Monitors.

Application can be submitted through the online form shown below. The application will be reviewed by the Office Manager and shared with the Board.

Application will not have to be considered at a board meeting, but will be read by board members and a decision will be prompt by preferred contact.

The Board reserves right to limit or deny any event or gathering.

Group size of gathering inside shall be kept to 15 or fewer people (25 for outside if adequate space).

Outdoor gatherings are best but still must follow all guidelines.

If inside, organizers must consider size of room and ventilation and length of time together, and describe in the application plans for accommodation. We recommend that meetings not exceed 45 minutes.

The following Covid Safety guidelines are expected to be followed whether the meeting is inside or outside:

  • The proper and continuous wearing of masks is expected. Event organizers should make sure extra masks are available just in case.
  • Handwashing and/or hand sanitizer needs to be available.
  • Participants need to maintain at least a 6 foot distance from each other at all times unless a part of the same household.
  • Every participant of an in-person event needs to sign in with phone number for contact tracing and affirm that they are in good health. You may want to bring multiple pens or plan on wiping down the pens between uses.
  • Covid Monitor(s) should review Covid symptom guidelines and expectations for the gathering at the beginning of the event and ensure that proper safety protocols are being followed at all times. Consider them as our guardian angels saving us from bring harm to the very people we love.
  • Do not share food or materials. It is strongly recommended that eating together not be a part of your event, or if it is, that food is not shared from 1 household to another. Similarly, caution should be used with the sharing of materials – books, papers, pens, toys, etc. Have a plan if your event participants need materials that not everyone can bring on their own.

Application can be submitted using this online form.

Here is a PDF version of these guidelines and application form.