Learning to Breathe

Note the early (10am) start time. See details, below.

The word “inspire” has many connotations.  It can mean to breathe in or to breathe life into.  It can mean to excite or inflame, to put life into the human body; to impart reason to the human soul.  How do we inspire?  How are we inspired?  How do we breathe?

For today’s worship service, we will visit our sister UU congregation in Sterling, Virginia where our former ministerial intern, Rev. Aileen Fitzke, now serves as their minister. Their service begins earlier than ours — at 10:00. And we need to go to their web site, UUSTERLING.ORG, and click on the large banner at the top of their page to go to their service. We will stay with them for their Social Hour following the service.