Reflection: “Grab Your Belongings”

by Rev. Douglas Taylor

The Soul Matters theme for this month is “Belonging.” But too often we think about our belongings rather than our belonging. Our belongings are our things. When someone says “grab your belongings” we scoop up our stuff, the important things that we keep close or bring with us. Belongings are the things that belong to us.

Belonging (without the plural ‘s’) is about the people and places to which we belong. YOU are the important ‘thing’ that is scooped up and kept close. Where do you belong?

This question of belonging leads me into memories of people and places from my childhood: that special place in the woods, my childhood bedroom, my church – and the various people connected to those places in my memory! Of course the question of ‘belonging’ also leads me to think about where and with whom I belong today: my spouse, my children, my church home, my ministerial colleagues, and so on.

What’s on your list? Where and with whom do you belong? Where and with whom are you scooped up and kept close?