CLM Update: Winter preaching

It’s been a year since our congregation commissioned me as a lay minister (CLM). Each CLM has a focus area – mine is denominational affairs. I was the first CLM to declare this focus area (think of it as a major in college) — many CLMs focus on worship arts, pastoral care or religious education. I find myself still struggling to define just how best to serve our congregation and sister congregations. Douglas and I continue to meet to develop my new role.

I was invited to preach at both the Big Flats and Cortland congregations. Both are very small congregations, so it’s a very different experience with only 15- 20 people in the pews. The Sunday I went to Cortland was the same day we had a terrible ice storm. I rode up with Brin Taylor, the musician for that service, and we got there safely, albeit rather slowly. But at the start time of the service only two people were there — we agreed to postpone the service till May. (The ride home was worse than the ride up, but we made it!)

Rev. Darcey Laine, who has preached at our church many times, is about to be installed as Cortland’s new part-time minister and she asked me to give the “Charge to the Congregation” at her ceremony next month! You may recall we have a formal partnership with the Cortland congregation.

You may have noticed I occasionally post denominational news on our Facebook group. And I’m asking others from across our nation how they get their congregations involved in UUA activities – stay tuned for more information.