Reopening: A Letter from Douglas

Dear Congregation,

Good people, this has been an exhausting year and a half. When the Board voted in March 2020 to shift all meetings and events to online to help ‘flatten the curve’ and prevent the spread of Covid-19, we imagined it might be for a few weeks or at most a few months. In May of 2020, the Board voted to plan to remain online for the 2020-2021 year; and that was a hard decision to swallow – but it turns out to have been very wise. And all of that happened while we were doing renovations on our building! Blessedly, we now have our Certificate of Occupancy and we can reopen. What a year it has been!

However, Covid-19 is still a problem and it is impacting our efforts to reopen.

It is possible we will need to return to online gathering only. But until that decision is made, we are still planning for in-person worship and other events.

The Board voted on a revised “UUCB Gathering Policy” following its August meeting (8/24/21). This policy will be reviewed and likely revised later this fall depending on what happens with the pandemic. We knew we needed a policy that could get us through the next few months, not one that would carry us for years. Here are the highlights of that policy.
• Masks must be worn at all times indoors (with a handful of small exceptions).
• No food or drink inside.
• We will keep 3-ft distance from each other.
• All events require Board approval.

This policy affects our worship services, committees, Small Groups, and events such as memorials and parties – in short, everything. The full policy and approval form can be found here.

We currently have a few events on our calendar and our plan at this point is to move forward with these events as dual-platform or ‘hybrid’ events – meaning: they will happen in-person and online via our usual Zoom platform. We are not set up yet with the technology we need to do this well, but plans are underway and we’re “flying the plane while building it”. Here are the events currently planned:
• August 28, 1:00 pm – Memorial Service for Gail Elise Schmick
• September 12, 10:30 am – Ingathering Sunday worship service
• September 18, 11:00 am – Memorial Service for Doris Reed
• Sunday worship services at 10:30 every Sunday
• There are two weddings in October

With all the work dealing with this pandemic, getting back into our newly-renovated building, and starting up a new Family Ministry program with new staff – there will surely be bumpy roads ahead of us. But we will get through this the way we’ve gotten through every other difficulty or challenge over the years – together!

Yours in faith,
Rev. Douglas Taylor