Lesson 7: We honor all

Principle #7

Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part

Our seventh Principle may be our Unitarian Universalist way of coming to fully embrace something greater than ourselves. The interdependent web—expressed as the spirit of life, the ground of all being, the oneness of all existence, the community-forming power, the process of life, the creative force, even God—can help us develop that social understanding of ourselves that we and our culture so desperately need. It is a source of meaning to which we can dedicate our lives.

—Rev. Forrest Gilmore, Executive Director of Shalom Community Center, Bloomington, IN

Hymn #1064: Blue Boat Home, words by Peter Mayer, music by Rowland Pritchard

Here at UUCB, we support the Green Sanctuary movement that works toward a world that is viable and just for humanity and for the whole of the web of life, including present and future generations. In large ways (renewable energy sources for our building) and small (we don’t use disposable cups and dishes), we seek to preserve our world for the people who will inherit it from us.

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We come from many places, but we walk together toward our future.