4. And Search for What is True

A Penguin Story

Wondering Questions

  1. Why is Edna unsatisfied that she can only see three colors (white, black and blue)?
  2. Are there unknown things that you wish to see and learn about, just like Edna? What are they?
  3. What are the most important things to know? 


By Mike Thaler. Read by Andrea Palmei

Wondering Questions

  1. I wonder why Owly’s Mom did not answer his questions and send him to find out answers on his own.
  2. I wonder whether Owly ever got any of his questions answered.
  3. I wonder if you ever had a question that you always wanted to ask but did not. 


By Lindsay Camp and Tony Ross. Read by Monika Fridrich

Wondering Questions

  1. Why do we ask questions? What makes a question a good one?
  2. Could a question really save the world? Could it destroy it?
  3. Can asking “why?” be dangerous? Can not asking it be dangerous?