1. Each Person Is Important

Pick a story to watch. Read the wondering questions below the video to guide your family discussion. Remember, when we wonder, we’re sharing what we think, feel, or know about the story. There isn’t one right or wrong answer. Let’s listen in our hearts.

Messiah Among Us

Wondering Questions:  I wonder about what do you like about your friends (or other children you know)? What can you think of that they are good at, or like to do? Draw a picture of your friends. 

And Tango Makes Three

Wondering Questions: I wonder how do we know that Tango, Roy, and Silo are a family? When Tango hatched out of her shell, how did she know that Roy and Silo were her parents? I wonder what makes a family? Draw a picture of your family. 

My Princess Boy

Wondering Questions: I wonder where you see yourself in the story, or what part feels like it’s about you? 

The Three Questions

Wondering Questions: I wonder what you think: When is the best time to do things? Who is the most important one? What is the right thing to do?