The Effective Use of Web Pages

These are notes from a session I gave on June 11, 2016 at the UUCB Leadership Training Workshop regarding our website.

  • Website team:  Jerome Slote (tech support), Wes Ernsberger (updates), Ann Rose (website designer), Karen Armstrong (home page notices).  Email address uucbweb <at> goes to all four of us.
  • Helpful tips for committees and groups:
    • Know what’s out there that pertains to your group.
    • Think about what additional information might be useful.  Can include images, PDF files, and links to other web pages.
    • Be mindful of security/privacy considerations.  Anyone, anywhere can view our website.
    • Review your content periodically, keep it up to date (send updates to me).
    • Use our website to help publicize your events.
      • Notice on UUCB home page (send input to Karen).
      • Get your event on the UUCB events calendar (send input to me).
    • Can put links to your web content in Beacon and e-blasts.  
      • Use MS Word “hyperlink” function
      • Can use to create short links.  Example: The short link for this web page is
  • Want to make the web updates yourself?  See Jerome or myself.  Training provided.  Prior knowledge of WordPress is helpful but not essential.