Social Justice History

Advocacy Issues

  • Supported The World March for Peace and Nonviolence
  • Supported opposition to the Death Penalty
  • Supported anti-racism task force
  • Supported Food Not Bombs
  • Supported Reduction of carbon emissions with
  • Supported Occupy Binghamton
  • Supported Standing on the Side of Love
  • Supported Food Not Bombs Meals
  • Supported Immigration as a Moral Issue – SJ Sunday
  • Supported Mother’s Day for Peace
  • Supported BTNAACP Legal Redress Committee
  • Supported Children of Abraham

Sister Cities

During times when the American government was antagonistic towards these foreign governments, UUCB formed relationships with sister cities in those nations to share their culture and learn about each other.

  • Binghamton and El Charcon, El Salvador 
  • Binghamton and Boravichi, Russia

Annual Justice Sundays

  • 2009 — 21st Century Poverty: Mending the Safety Net
  • 2010 — Standing on the Side of Love: Re-Imagining Valentine’s Day
  • 2011 — Standing on the Side of Love: A Rainbow of Possibilities
  • 2012 — Racism: Past or Present?
  • 2013 — Immigration as a Moral Issue
  • 2014 — Income Inequality
  • 2015 — All the Democracy that Money Can Buy 

The UUCB Peace, Justice and Sustainability Film Series Past Films

  • Sick Around the World
  • Missrepresentation
  • Freedom Riders
  • The Other Side of Immigration
  • Two Who Dared
  • What Would Jesus Buy?
  • Economics of Happiness
  • Countdown to Zero
  • Mirrors of Privilege: Making Whiteness Visible
  • It’s Elementary-LGBT
  • Selected Shorts – Sustainability
  • Forks Over Knives
  • Priceless
  • Koch Brothers Exposed
  • The Dream is Now (with Citizen Action)
  • Green Shorts (with Green Sanctuary
  • The Lorax
  • A Small Act
  • More Than Honey Milk (with Rainbow Alliance)
  • Five Broken Cameras (with Peace Action and Veterans for Peace)
  • Equality U (with Rainbow Alliance Committee)
  • My Name is Rachel Corrie
  • GMO – OMG
  • What Would Jesus Buy
  • Second Opinion: Laetrile at Sloan-Kettering
  • Bridegroom
  • Citizen Koch
  • SOAR Labor Videos and panel discussion
  • Roadmap to Apartheid

Timeline of Past Issues and Events

1993 – As a result of the Decisions for Growth Workshops the Social Responsibility Committee was charged on behalf of the Congregation to – “organize socially responsible forums on subjects such as health care reform, racism, choice, campaign finance reform election reform, homosexual issues, and environmental and ‘green’ economic issues.

1996 The Social Responsibility Committee sponsored with Interfaith Impact a talk by Rev. Richard Gilbert about the Covenant with Justice among UU Congregations of NYS regarding a just state budget.

Anti-Racism Task Force sponsored A JUBILEE WORLD weekend workshop.

The Interfaith Coalition on Sexual Identity of Broome County originated from meetings between this committee and Centenary-Chenango St United Methodist Church to become welcoming congregations.

June, 1998 the Anti-Racism Task Force joined with other community members to ask the Binghamton University to assist in forming a Center for the Study of Race and Social Equity in the community.

Spring 2001 the ARTF sponsored a public form on Drug Policy Reform in relation to incarcerated minority populations.

2002 ARTF planned anti-racism service for Martin L. King Sunday.

Feb. 2002 ARTF planned a service about Thurgood Marshall.

March 2002 SRC sponsored a speaker from the Montrose, PA Center for Anti-Slavery about the Underground Railroad in our area.

May, 2002 we joined with Interfaith Impact in supporting the Alliance for Quality Education at a community speakout in support of public school education.

Oct 2002 the SRC sponsored a forum on Racism in the Justice system with local governmental officials and the Mental Health Players.

2002 the SRC surveyed the congregation about doing an All Church Project. Results focused on interest in assisting Habitat for Humanity and adopting Bridgewater Nursing Home. By selling soaps and sweets they raised $300 for the Endicott Habitat house in addition to an Endowment Fund amount of $450. Sale of fair trade coffee started.


Oct the SRC held a Wind Power Forum

May SRC held a forum on Fair Trade and the NAFTA proposal.

2005 The SJC co-sponsored with the Membership Committee the sponsorship of Democracy Now on WSKG radio.

We supported the St. Patrick’s Four Trial & Tribunal demonstrations against the Iraq War

We supported the Citizen Action Living Wage campaign.

April 2006 the SJ Sunday focused on mini-workshops on living wage, racial justice, fair funding for public education, Medicare Rx drug coverage, media reform, forming a conscience in peace & war.

Oct 2006 SJC showed the film American Blackout.

November 2006 SJC co-sponsored with Binghamton Indymedia a viewing of Robert Greenwald’s film Walmart, The High Costs of Low Price.

Some members participated in a Knitting Ministry, making hats for shelter residents and hospital infants.

SJC sponsored a letter to Congressman Hinchey calling for guidance regarding impeachment related to the war.

SJC sponsored a viewing of President Bush’s State of the Union Speech as part of the State of Our Values Watch.

2006 Social Justice Sunday focused on Health Care for All and showed the documentary Sicko by Michael Moore.

2008 Co-sponsored Sept International Day of Peace/peace pole

Prepared Election Day supper at SJ Johnson Church

2009 Ethical Eating Film Series – Banana Splits, FLOW

Solidarity with BU Sodexho employees

Social Justice Sunday focused on POVERTY: Mending the Safety Net

Co-sponsored activities with the Binghamton Regional Sustainability Coalition (BRSC)

Endorsed the World March for Peace

Hosted Candlelight Service on anniversary of Iraq War


Co-sponsored Climate Change Awareness Day with

Promoted sale of Better World Shopper book

Prepared Election Day supper at SJ Johnson Church

2010 Prepared Election Day supper at SJ Johnson Church

Supported Veterans for Peace Mother’s Day for Peace Special Celebration

Grew vegetables at our Community Garden for monthly salad at SJJ

Social Justice Sunday in February for Standing on the Side of Love: Re-Imagining Valentine’s Day

Petitioned against the Political corporation ruling on campaign financing.

Participated in the Rescue Mission Walk

Cosponsored Cindy Sheehan’s visit/talk on Peace.

Provided fruit for Trinity Memorial Sunday community lunch.

Supported community forums on Gas Drilling.

Continued donations of food and toiletries for Food Not Bombs.

Supported the BC Aids Walk.

Tabled at EARTH FEST

The SJC has annually co-sponsored with Witness for Peace public talks from Latin American representatives about conditions in their countries regarding violence, poverty and fair trade.