Sermons 2018-2019

  • Image 7: The Bull Transcended 08/19/2018 Mark DeWolfe, in our opening hymn (SLT #295), tells us to “Sing out praises for the journey.” He says we are pilgrims traveling a wild road in search of our soul’s yearning.
  • Fake Fights and Healthy Conflict 08/26/2018 One of the reasons I attend the annual gathering of Unitarian Universalists known as General Assembly is for the great worship services.
  • Healing Your Religious Past 09/16/2018 Think back to a belief you used to hold, maybe when you were a child, but that you no longer hold to be true. Call to mind, if you can, something you used to believe.
  • Beatific Vision 09/30/2018 Let me tell you about my vision. First, let me tell you a story. As part of the process of becoming a minister, we take a battery of psychological inventories, personality styles, leadership styles, conflict styles; this includes the classic MMPI-2.
  • The Candles Say Love 11/25/2018 I have a photograph on my cell phone, set as the background so I see it every time I look at my phone. I see it if someone called or texted, or if I am just checking the time. The photo is of some candles. The candles are arranged to spell the word “LOVE.”
  • Mysterium Cosmographicum 12/16/2018 Johannes Kepler was one of those cutting-edge new scientists in his day back at the end of the 1500’s. It was a heady time. Copernicus had tipped the scale away from the geocentric theory of the cosmos to the heliocentric theory.
  • The Sower’s Parable 12/30/2018 In the famous parable Jesus shared with his disciples, a Sower went out and scattered seeds on the ground. The parable goes on to describe various outcomes for those seeds, most of which end in the seeds not growing into plants.