Sermons 2018-2019

  • Image 7: The Bull Transcended 08/19/2018 Mark DeWolfe, in our opening hymn (SLT #295), tells us to “Sing out praises for the journey.” He says we are pilgrims traveling a wild road in search of our soul’s yearning.
  • Fake Fights and Healthy Conflict 08/26/2018 One of the reasons I attend the annual gathering of Unitarian Universalists known as General Assembly is for the great worship services.
  • Healing Your Religious Past 09/16/2018 Think back to a belief you used to hold, maybe when you were a child, but that you no longer hold to be true. Call to mind, if you can, something you used to believe.
  • Beatific Vision 09/30/2018 Let me tell you about my vision. First, let me tell you a story. As part of the process of becoming a minister, we take a battery of psychological inventories, personality styles, leadership styles, conflict styles; this includes the classic MMPI-2.