Sermons 2017-2018

  • Character and Grace 08/20/2017 My heart has been broken as I take in the news lately. The attacks in Barcelona are tragic. That and the events in and following after Charlottesville this past week have featured heavily in my prayers.
  • Welcome Your Stranger 09/17/2017 Let us talk for a moment about the interplay of shadow and light (chiaroscuro). This little light of mine will shine, oh it will shine bright and glorious. But I have a little shadow and darkness as well. All of us have both light and shadow. It is the way of nature and all life. ...
  • Say It Like You Mean It 09/24/2017 “Now is the time for turning” Jack Riemer says in our responsive reading from the hymnal (#634, Jack Riemer.) He offers images from nature to begin the point.
  • Sound of Spirit 10/22/2017 I’ve found that music is one of our greatest wisdoms and one of our greatest tools for going through life’s challenges.
  • Building an Audacious and Dangerous Faith 10/29/2017 I invite you to take a quick glance at the back of the order of service. You’ll see two of our grounding statements for our congregation – our mission and our vision.
  • The Soul of a Nation 11/12/2017 In his 1975 address before a joint session of congress, president Gerald Ford declared “The state of the union is not good.” It is the only recorded instance when the president has said that.
  • Dum Spiro, Spero 12/10/2017 A few years ago, I watched a friend’s life fall apart. After several fits and starts, my friend had landed a good job, settled down to a happy marriage, and moved to a new town. Then within a year all of those things imploded.
  • Getting Unstuck 05/06/2018 I love the story “In Which Pooh Goes Visiting and Gets into a Tight Place.” Pooh bear gets stuck in the tunnel leading out of his friend Rabbit’s house. Christopher Robin comes to help and declares that Pooh is thoroughly stuck.
  • The Whole, the Parts, and All that’s In Between 05/13/2018 There is an entry in the journals of Ralph Waldo Emerson about a time he’d spent at the beach as a child. He had wandered the shoreline collecting the shining sea shells and filling his pockets with glistening stones.