Classes & Curricula



Time:  9:15 am to 12:30 pm
Ages:  Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers
Location:  Room 1

Our Nursery is open each Sunday through both worship services.   Our Nursery provides a safe, child friendly, supervised environment while parents are involved in other church activities.  Toys, books, games, simple crafts, age appropriate activities, and an opportunity for free play are provided.  Our Nursery is staffed by experienced child care providers.  Children must be signed in and out of the Nursery by their parents.  Childcare is provided upon request for any church activities. 



Time:  11:15 only
Ages:  Ages 3-4   (Preschool)
Location:  Room 12 (downstairs)

Following the premise that children learn best through direct experience, this curriculum nurtures spiritual growth, creativity, and connection to our UU community  through imaginative activities and hands-on rituals.  Young ones are introduced to the UU chalice, explore the great forces of nature, and consider how to make choices and overcome difficulties.



Time:  9:30 and 11:15
Ages:  Grades K—2 
Location:  Room 7

Based on the Montessori method, and drawing on a “morning-as-worship” model, Spirit Play embraces multi-age grouping, self-directed learning, creative expression, multiple learning styles, cooperation and respect within a classroom community.  The sacred mystery of life, and a commitment to freedom in spiritual exploration are vital aspects of Spirit Play.   Through story, wondering, and creative art response, children make meaning of the language of our faith and life’s questions. This year’s program will focus on stories of our Unitarian Universalist faith, and ethical values and justice.



Time: 11:15 only
Ages: Grades 3 through 5
Location: Room 9

This curriculum is designed to provide children with the spiritual and ethical tools they will need to make choices and take actions reflective of their UU beliefs and values in a complex world. Using stories, Moral Tales strives to inform children about moral choices through stories in which real and fictional heroes and heroines display moral courage and spiritual greatness. Each session also incorporates hands-on activities, ritual, and reflection.



Time: 9:30 and 11:15
Ages: Gr 3—7 (9:30) and Gr 5 –6 (11:15)
Location: Room 9

This program uses the metaphor of the four elements—earth, air, fire, and water—to look at ways to exercise our power in the world. It affirms our Unitarian Universalist heritage of confronting “powers and structures of evil with justice, compassion, and the transforming power of love.” It encourages participants to explore their sources of strength to think and act as leaders who effect change.



Time: 11:15 only
Ages: Grades 7 – 8
Location: Room 5

This curriculum encourages youth to view themselves as agents of change in the world as they develop qualities crucial to justice work. They will explore ways in which their UU faith calls them to take responsibility for decisions and their consequences by examining right and wrong. The group will reflect on their own lives while making connections to the lives lived by others, building self-awareness while growing as leaders.



Gr. 7/8 and Gr. 5/6
Advance registration and Parent orientation required

These highly acclaimed UU sexuality programs offers accurate, age-appropriate, unbiased information to promote responsible decisions, family relationships, and health. Grounded in a holistic view of sexuality, OWL helps participants clarify their values, build interpersonal skills, and understand the spiritual, emotional, and social aspects of sexuality. Times TBD.



Time:  11:15 only
Ages:  Grades 9 through 12
Location:  Room 8

Our program for youth has a flexible format to respond to the needs and interests of the group.  The youth, with the guidance of their advisors, will determine the shape and focus of their meetings and activities for the year.  The group incorporates the following six aspects of youth programming:  youth leadership development, worship, social justice and social action, fellowship and fun, and education and learning.

Youth are encouraged to participate in congregational and district-wide activities, including youth conferences (cons), intergenerational worship, small group ministry, committees, and the Youth Adult Committee.



Child Dedications: This ceremony honors the covenant of love and support between the congregation “church family,” and infants, children and families. To learn more, contact our minister.

Community Building Events: Throughout the year, we sponsor multigenerational holiday celebrations such as a Holiday Craft Workshop, UU Pals, a family Seder, family camping, and other social gatherings to make and deepen connections.

Coming of Age Program: This program of study and activities for youth during their 13th year aims to mark the passage from childhood to adolescence. Participants deepen their understanding of the history and tradition of our faith, our congregation, worship, social justice, and their own religious and spiritual beliefs through mentoring, community service, field trips, and a culminating community-wide affirmation celebration.

Jumpin’ January: During the month of January, we hold a series of special, intergenerational workshops. This winter intersession allows folks of all ages to learn and have fun together. Our two-service schedule allows everyone the opportunity to attend both a service and the workshop of your choice.

Summer Program: We offer a multi-age class and nursery care during the summer lay-led services. Watch for details in the spring.

Faith in Action: This year we will continue to offer regular opportunities for children to make a difference in their congregation, local and global community. Watch the newsletter for details.

Adult and Family Programs: Programs such as Being a UU Parent, Evensong for Families, and others are offered throughout the year for parents and families. These programs offer families an opportunity to build connections and learn together about Unitarian Universalism. Watch for announcements.

Parents of Youth Group: A monthly discussion group for parents of high school youth to explore topics of mutual concern.



Children need to feel a part of the worship life of the congregation, so worship experiences are an essential part of the program:

Multi-generational Worship: The congregation holds at least five multi-generational worship services each year when the children join the adults for worship in multigenerational community.

Children’s Chapel: The children meet for worship in the Children’s Chapel in Room 3 on a regular basis. Chapel services are intended to foster a spirit of quiet worship in a child-friendly format and environment. Chapel themes vary and may reflect the season, curriculum, or other theme.

Two Sundays per month the children begin their morning in the sanctuary with their families and the larger church community to hear a story before proceeding to their religious education class.