Classes for Children and Youth

Supporting the faith development of our young people is an important commitment we make to our children, our community, and our world. The goal of faith development classes at UUCB is to provide a loving, safe and nurturing community in which our children and youth can develop their own beliefs and embark on their own spiritual journey. We believe that the search for truth is lifelong, and we seek to support children and families in their faith development.

Sunday morning classes (listed here) are one element of our programming – other components are discussed here.  Classes take place at 10:00am many Sundays between September and May.  Check the schedule and the whiteboard on Sunday morning for information about events and locations each Sunday.

For more information about any aspect of our program, contact our Director of Family Ministry, Pratik Mamtora.


Time:  9:45 am to 11:30 am
Ages:  Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers
Location:  Room 1

Our Nursery is open each Sunday through both worship services, providing a safe, child-friendly, supervised environment while parents are involved in other church activities.  Toys, books, games, simple crafts, age appropriate activities, and an opportunity for free play are provided.  Our Nursery is staffed by experienced child care providers.  Children must be signed in and out of the Nursery by their parents.  Childcare is also provided (upon request one week in advance) for events and meetings outside of Sunday morning.


Time: 10:00 am on scheduled Sundays
Ages:  Preschool (ages 3-5)
Location:  Room 3

This program provides opportunities for children to grow in their sense of trust and caring, and to develop their self-identity and their sense of connectedness with this community and with all life.  Following the premise that children learn best through direct experience, the classes include imaginative activities and hands-on rituals, as well as stories and games.  Classes draw from the curricula Celebrating Me and My World and The Rainbow Connection.


Time:  10:00 am on scheduled Sundays
Ages:  Grades K – 2
Location:  Room 7

Based on the Montessori method, and drawing on a “morning-as-worship” model, Spirit Play classes embrace multi-age grouping, self-directed learning, creative expression, multiple learning styles, cooperation and respect within a classroom community.  The sacred mystery of life, and a commitment to freedom in spiritual exploration are vital aspects of Spirit Play.  Through story, wondering, and creative art response, children make meaning of the language of our faith and life’s questions.  This year’s program will focus on the sources of our Unitarian Universalist faith.


Time:  10:00 am on scheduled Sundays
Ages:  Grades 3-5
Location:  Room 9

In this class, children will explore our congregation and our UU faith, including our Principles, values and history, and with an emphasis on the Sources of our faith.  Through stories, discussion, activities and games, participants will deepen their understanding of Unitarian Universalism and its application in their lives.   Designed to be fun and engaging, this class also encourages personal reflection and values clarification. 


10:00am on scheduled Sundays
Ages:  Grades 6-8
Location:  Room 10

Meetings for this group will partially follow a youth group format, with sharing and activities to support connection.  Participants will also explore sources of our faith with the Building Bridges curriculum (an opportunity to learn about other faith traditions).  Some sessions will also explore theological issues in episodes of The Simpsons.



Time: 11:15 only
Ages: Grades 9 through 12
Location: Room 8

Our program for youth has a flexible format to respond to the needs and interests of the group. The youth, with the guidance of their advisors, will determine the shape and focus of their meetings and activities for the year. The group incorporates the following six aspects of youth programming: youth leadership development, worship, social justice and social action, fellowship and fun, and education and learning.

Youth are encouraged to participate in congregational and district-wide activities, including youth conferences (cons), intergenerational worship, small group ministry, committees, and the Youth Adult Committee.