Small Group Ministry

What is Small Group Ministry?

Small Group Ministry at UUCB is a way to help people connect at a deeper level within the congregation. Small Group members typically meet every other week and focus on a topic of spiritual growth. Group members attend to the ministry of their fellow group members as they get to know and care for each other.

Groups are a gathering of six to eleven people focusing on a topic or issue, lead by a trained facilitator, bound by a covenant that establishes how often to meet and how long each session lasts.

Why Small Group Ministry?

It is a way for people to have opportunities for what James Luther Adams calls “ultimacy and intimacy” which means to have a safe place to explore the spiritual values at the heart of the topics or issues. As a group develops, the topics and level of sharing can grow deep and intimate.

How does it work?

Each group agrees on how to be with each other in pursuing the topics or issues, with the facilitator keeping the process and the group on track. Groups develop at their own pace.

Each group opens the meeting with a chalice lighting, a reading, and a check-in before the topic or issue is pursued, to be followed by “likes and wishes” as a check-out and a closing reading.

Who can join Small Group Ministry?

Groups are open to members and non-members, as long as the group does not exceed ten people. When the group goes beyond ten, a second group may be formed if there is a facilitator for the group.

How to join a Small Group.

Any time is a good time to sign up and join Small Group Ministry. 

  • January Sign-up
    January is a particularly good (and easy) time to join. Just sign up on the lists in the Fireside Room! In February, when the new groups begin, each facilitator will contact all the members about the first meeting.
  • Other Times of Year
    During the regular year, you can also join a group. Contact the office for a list of open groups accepting new members. Then get in touch with a facilitator. The facilitator can let you know if there is room in the group and if it is a good time to add a new person to the conversation. The facilitator will need to check with the rest of the group as part of this process before fully responding to a request.

How can I find out more?

Contact the office