UUCB Commitment to Climate Action

Important Decision will be faced by UUCB in June!

We need your input:

The congregation will be asked to make an important decision in June:  Will our renovations include a geothermal system?  If we can summon the resolve to do so, we will be fulfilling a commitment that our congregation made four years ago: to make our building carbon neutral.  We all know why this is so important and why we need to do this sooner rather than later.  The depth and urgency of the climate crisis gets more apparent every year.  Here is where you can learn more about the decision we will be making.  To share how you feel, go to the Carrying the Flame Forward Facebook group. 

– UUCB Green Sanctuary


Here is the UUCB Commitment to Climate Action document and here is the associated media release.  The climate action commitment was approved by the congregation at the June 14, 2015 annual meeting.

To find out more about how climate change will affect YOU, click here.


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