Environmental Assessment for UUCB

Environmental Assessment for UUCB

The purpose of the environmental assessment is to provide our congregation with a clear understanding of our current environmental practices. This gives us ideas for projects that would improve our sustainability and also serves as a baseline from which we can measure our progress.

The Environmental Assessment consists of two parts: The Personal Assessment considers our environmentally-related practices as individuals. The Congregational Assessment looks at our environmental practices when we engage in activities as a congregation.

We did our Personal Assessment through the use of a survey. This work was completed in July 2008 and the results are provided in the following three documents:

  1. The UUCB_GS_Survey_Quick_Summary shows the results for each question as a composite score that ranges from 0 (never do) to 3 (always do).
  2. The UUCB_GS_Survey_Results is the summary provided by the survey tool we used. It does not include write-in comments.
  3. The UUCB_GS_Survey_Comments shows all the write-in comments.

The Congregational Assessment was done by interviewing members of the congregation who are familiar with UUCB’s current environmental practices.