Sermons 2009-2010

  • Love and Justice 02/14/2010 The minister was mid-way through the reading of the text when people in the back noticed a disheveled man walking up the aisle. He was not someone who had been there before.
  • God Is Not Fair 02/21/2010 Instead of God offering any reason for accepting Abel’s offering and not accepting Cain’s, God chooses to issue Cain a warning. “Sin is lurking at your door.”
  • Intimacy, Ultimacy, and Efficacy 03/21/2010 If you went outside and someone asked you – Hey, you just came out of the building, what is that place all about?’ and you answered saying “intimacy, ultimacy and efficacy,” that person would probably run the other way. But if you were to say “richer connections, deeper meaning, and inspired action” – well, now ...
  • Grace Knots 03/28/2010 Over time, John Newton’s views on slavery shifted and he grew to be an advocate of abolition. And it was out of his experiences working against slavery as a priest that he came to write the hymn Amazing Grace.
  • Banish the Edges 04/25/2010 What might it be like to have a different way of sensing the natural world around us? What would we see or perceive?
  • Spiritual Maturity 05/02/2010 James Fowler’s ground-breaking work on faith development asked questions like: What are you spending and being spent for? What commands and receives your best time, your best energy? What power or powers do you rely on and trust? To what or whom are you committed in life? These are not questions about beliefs.
  • Pilgrims on the Journey 05/30/2010 I had a theology professor who taught with an eye toward mythic reality and archetype. He would say things to us like, “There is not one of us in the room who is free from the scars of the dragon.”
  • God: a Universe of Connections 06/27/2010 Over the years my relationship with and belief in God has shifted, faded, resurged, matured, adjusted, and in turns grown overly complicated and blindingly simple.