Cry Wolf

February 3, 2019 @ 10:30 am – 11:30 am
Taylor and Fitzke

Join us for our First Sunday worship and workshops as we consider the topic of Trust.  Unitarian Universalists tend to be a skeptical people.  Our worship theme for February is: “What does it mean to be a people of trust?”

Workshops (11:30 to 12:15)  ..

An Escape into Trust with Aileen Fitzke (Room 5) – Join in a trust building exercise in working together in intergenerational solidarity to solve short fun puzzles to escape a “locked room.”

Worship Weavers with Christ Figures (Room 3) – Calling artists and crafters! Help create new banners (to complement our current ones) for our sanctuary throughout the year.

Meditation to work with trust issues with Linda Malone (Room 10) – With a guided meditation and open discussion on why and how meditation is effective in dealing with trust issues and how this works for myself and others.

Living a Magical Life (preview) with the Karen Marsh (Sanctuary) – This stand-alone workshop will give you an opportunity to identify and prioritize goals for your living for the coming year. (Carried over from last month’s postponement)

Meal Prep “Faith in Action” with Julie Boyd (Room 9) – We will again pack lunches for the YWCA shelter.

Loose Parts Play with Monika Fridrich and Ipek McAuley (Room 6-7) – Loose parts can be thought of as the way for children of all ages to unlock the cognitive and creative mindset that allows them to build, deconstruct, persist, create, and work together to unleash the power of creativity that we all contain. Join us for this workshop aimed towards young children (ages 3+) but opened to children of all ages. Imagine the possibilities!