Small Group Ministry

What is Small Group Ministry?

A gathering of six to eleven people focusing on a topic or issue, lead by a trained facilitator, bound by a covenant that establishes how often to meet and how long each session lasts.

Why Small Group Ministry?

It is a way for people to have opportunities for what James Luther Adams calls “ultimacy and intimacy” which means to have a safe place to explore the spiritual values at the heart of the topics or issues.

How does it work?

Each group agrees on how to be with each other in pursuing the topics or issues, with the facilitator keeping the process and the group on track.

What makes it different?

Each group opens the meeting with a chalice lighting, a reading, and a check-in before the topic or isue is pursued, to be followed by “likes and wishes” as a check-out and a closing reading.

Who can join Small Group Ministry?

Groups are open to members and non-members, as long as the group does not exceed ten people. When the group goes beyond ten, a second group may be formed if there is a facilitator for the group.

How can I find out more?

Contact Rev. Douglas Taylor or one of the facilitators of Small Group Ministry with your name, phone number, and the days and times you are available.