Room Use

Rental Rates and Policy
as of September 2011

          Members &
        Affinity Groups
                        Non-Profits                     Private Groups
Under 3 hrs.
Over 3 hrs.
Under 3 hrs.
Over 3 hrs.
Fireside Rm
Social Hall

*The church facilities can be used for free by congregation members for church related functions, events and meetings. While the church facilities can be reserved for private events, such use will be subject to normal non-member rates unless the event is for, or in honor of a congregation member. 

**A custodial fee of $100 will be charged on all private events with 55 or more attendees and when food is served.

Reservation and Deposit

  • Reserve a room by calling the church office at 607-729-1641
  • A non-refundable 50% deposit is required to secure reservations.
  • UUCB reserves the right to relocate no-fee reservations to appropriate alternative locations if needed for UUCB sponsored or fee-paying events.

Resource Manager Fee

The fee for the use of the Kitchen and/or Sanctuary by non-members, or non-affinity groups includes the services of UUCB appointed Resource Manager. This person will assist the reserving party with:

  • Operating audio-visual equipment
  • Control lighting
  • Instruct in the operations of some kitchen equipment
  • Ensure that the ambient temperature is comfortable for those present
  • Secure rooms, lighting, equipment, and the building following the event

A Resource Manager fee of $75 will also be assessed to member private events, non-members and non-Affinity groups renting all other rooms at UUCB who are expecting more than 55 attendees.

The above covers Resource Manager’s services for up to 3 hours. An additional fee of $25/hour will be assessed as long as additional time is booked ahead of time. A fee of $25/quarter hour will be assessed for events that run past its booked time.


  • Those renting the Sanctuary for wedding ceremonies or musical events will be permitted one additional use of the sanctuary for a rehearsal (3 hours maximum) on a date preceding the event at no extra charge.
  • Wedding rental fee for the Sanctuary does not include payment to the officiating minister, which is negotiated separately.
  • The fee for weddings includes the services of a UUCB Resource Manager and custodial services.

Affinity Groups

Groups with five or more UUCB members whose purpose is in keeping with the principles of UUCB may apply to the UUCB Building Use Committee for “Affinity status” and use the building using member rates. The committee will make recommendations to the UUCB Board for approval. However, if there is a charge to participants to attend that group or event, they must pay the non-profit rates. Affinity status will be reviewed annually by the Building Use Committee.

Non-profit Groups

Groups fitting all of the following criteria may apply to the UUCB Building Use Committee for non-profit status will be charged non-profit rates:

  • Spiritual, cultural or educational in nature, or support group.
  • In keeping with the principles of UUCB.
  • Must not charge a membership or participation fee

Outside Groups

Outside groups must apply for permission to use UUCBís facilities before making room reservations. The UUCB Building Use Committee will review applications based on the following:

  • Are the content and goals of the program in keeping with our UU principles?
  • UUCB reserves the right to review the credentials of presenters/facilitators.
  • Any fees to be charged by the facilitator (other than for required books or supplies) must be included in the application.
  • Upon approval to use UUCB facilities outside groups will pay a room rental deposit and may be required to submit a $1,000,000 general liability insurance rider naming the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Binghamton as additionally insured on their liability policy.
  • * UUCB may decline a reservation if the event proposed creates an unreasonable liability risk to the congregation.


  • Any publicity, internal or external, must list the sponsoring organization.
  • Groups not affiliated with UUCB may not indicate that they are sponsored by UUCB
  • Only events sponsored by the UUCB or by its affiliated groups may be publicized in our newsletters, orders of service and pulpit announcements.
  • Publicity for events not sponsored by UUCB or its affiliated groups may be listed on our calendars; however there will be a clear differentiation between UUCB-sponsored events and outside events.
  • Publicity for non-UUCB events may be included in the Community section of email blasts and/or posted on the Community Events bulletin board, in accordance with current posting guidelines as long as it is deemed of general interest to the congregation as a whole.

Serving Alcohol

  • Alcohol must be served in accordance with the UUCB alcohol policy and New York State law.