UUCB Immigration Social Action Team Launched- Join Us!

UUCB Immigration Social Action Team Launched!

The manner in which we portray and treat immigrants has become a defining issue of these turbulent, disturbing times   On Tuesday, November 5th the UUCB Social Action HUUB enthusiastically supported the formation of a UUCB Immigration Social Action Team – ISAT (eyeSAT). The team can be contacted at ISAT@uubinghamton.org .  We are a group of church members and friends who have been spurred to action by the Trump administration’s ongoing and accelerating hostile portrayal of, and policies towards, immigrants.  Your support and involvement is welcomed and encouraged!

Initially our work will focus on information gathering in an attempt to determine how we might best support immigrants in our community.   Possible areas of action include: sponsoring immigration-focused events at UUCB;  using social media and op-ed pieces to update UUCB congregants and the broader community on immigration-related issues; developing relationships with other similarly oriented groups in the community; supporting the development of, and involvement in, interfaith alliances focused on immigration issues; and considering what role our congregation might play in providing sanctuary for immigrants who are threatened with deportation.

We are especially interested in shining a light on the local impact of national immigration policies and the ongoing negative portrayal of immigrants.   If you have any information about negative treatment of immigrants either by local law enforcement agencies, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or individuals, we’d like to know.  For example, is anyone aware of immigrants being turned over to ICE by county jails or local police agencies?  Are you aware of specific local examples of mistreatment of immigrants? Deportations?  

If you are interested in supporting and/or participating this work contact us at ISAT@uubinghamton.org.   You can also find a wealth of information on the UUA’s Immigration Justice web page.  We look forward to hearing from you.