Message from Darcey Laine- Sabbatical Minister

From your Sabbatical Minister

Thank you for inviting me to be with you during this time when Rev. Taylor is away on his much needed sabbatical. At the Meet and Greet in December, I began to get to know the congregation, and we tried to trace lines of connection. Some of you remembered times when I had preached at UUCB in the summer or during Douglas’s last sabbatical. Some of you were part of the Treasurer’s Cluster that I helped coordinate. Some of you were part of the Coming of Age retreat that UUCB co-hosted with the congregation where I am settled, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Athens and Sheshequin. I mentioned that Douglas and I have often carpooled throughout the 10 years we’ve been part of the same UU Minister’s Association chapter, and together started the local cluster of ministers which meets monthly here at UUCB. Some of you remembered that our choir has come to UUCB to sing, and your Music director, Vicki Gordon has been to our church to lead worship. Some even remember Rev. Harry Thor who served as part time minister for several years after he retired from UUCB. It was good to notice how many ways we are already connected as we enter this brand new relationship of Sabbatical ministry.


Hopefully by now you all have seen the sabbatical brochure which outlines how things will get done during the sabbatical time. You got to read some about me (a short biography is part of the brochure) and about my role- I will only be in the pulpit 3 times during the sabbatical (the rest of the worship services will be led by your own UUCB leaders, by visiting lay leaders, and by other ministers from around the area- it will be exciting to have such a diversity of voices in your pulpit.) In addition I will be the one to call for the other functions of ministry- for weddings and memorials, for pastoral counseling, or for advice and support about the health of the congregation.  And I hope you do call- I want to be of use and get to know the congregation better during these next 4 months.


My first Sunday in the pulpit will be January 7; I am excited to be co-leading the service with your talented Religious Educator Ann Kadlecek. Afterwards I will be leading a workshop on Dreams, followed by another Meet and Greet where I look forward to connecting with you and enjoying your generous.  UUCB hospitality. Please do stop by at one or all of these events- I look forward to weaving more lines of connection.



Rev. Darcey Laine

Sabbatical Minister


Rev. Laine is available by phone most days at her home study. (Monday is her day off).

Call 607-220-4152 or e-mail

Any questions about the sabbatical ministry? Contact Sabbatical Team Liaison Catherine Rosso.