UU Leadership Institute Course Spotlight:

“Intercultural Skills for a Diverse World: Understanding and Applying the Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity”

Do you want to be culturally sensitive, but have a sneaking suspicion that you have blind spots you don’t even recognize? The UU Institute has an online, on-demand and self-paced course available at uuinstitute.org that can help.

Taught by Rev. Rob Kethan, a UU Minister in Washington DC and an organizing and training consultant specializing in reproductive health, rights and justice issues as well as congregational social justice programs. “Each of us has culture–conscious and unconscious ways of being in the world. To become a truly multicultural faith, we need leaders who can build relationships effectively across difference including ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, gender, and more.“

The course fee is $15, and scholarships for this and other leadership courses are available from UUCB’s Leader Development and Resources Committee (LDR). LDR members are Debby Herman, Madeleine Cotts, Dorothy Haverly, Barb Nordstrom and Steve Van Austin. Speak with any of us for leadership development information or requests, or contact us at ldr@uubinghamton.org