Important VOTE info for Annual Meeting

We will be voting on the following at our annual meeting on Sunday June 11:

2017-2018 Proposed Slate of Candidates for Annual Meeting Approval


Title                               Nominee                   Term ends

President                                                         Lynne Theophanis                              2018

President-Elect                                     Eric Cotts                                            2018

Treasurer                                                         Tim Wolcott                                       2018               

Treasurer-Elect                                                Gay Canough                                      2018

Clerk                                                               Wes Ernsberger                                   2018

Trustee                                                            Pat Kissick                                        2020

Trustee                                                            Jim Dwyer                                           2020


Endowment Committee                                 Jean Rose-Klein                                   2020

Endowment Committee                                 Suzanne Sullivan                                 2019


Personnel                                                        Ron Kissick                                          2020                                                                               

Leader Development & Resource                  Debby Herman                                   2019   

Leader Development & Resource                  Barbara Nordstrom                             2019


Membership                                                    Kathleen Cooke                                  2020


By-Laws Changes


Section 1. Membership


Membership is open to any person aged 18 or older in accordance with Article III. Non-Discrimination Clause, who is in sympathy with the principles and purposes of the UUA and the mission of our congregation.


Youth who have completed a Coming-of-Age program may also become members with all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of membership. Except that until the age of 21, or graduation from college, whichever is later, 18, or their earlier decision to resign from membership, pledging and payment is encouraged but not required.





All committees, except where otherwise noted, are open to full participation by the congregation’s members and friends. This includes holding office and voting in meetings of those committees. Similarly, all activities planned by those committees and other ad-hoc groups are also open to full participation.


Section 1. Standing Committees


There shall be eleven (11) standing committees of the Congregation — not only committees that are essential to the operation of the congregation, but also committees that are fundamental to the mission of the congregation. They are: Denominational Affairs, Rainbow Alliance, Green Sanctuary, Finance, Stewardship, Property, Adult Programs, Children and Youth Programs, Social Justice, Communications Technology, and Worship. The Board of Trustees shall ensure that there is a chair for each standing committee.


Section 2. Elected Committees


  1. Endowment Committee: There shall be an Endowment Committee, governed by the By-Laws of such Endowment Committee enacted and adopted by the Congregation on June 2, 1991.
  2. … (unchanged) …
  3. … (unchanged) …


  1. d) Membership Committee

There shall be a Membership Committee consisting of one (1) member of the Board of Trustees and three (3) members elected from the Congregation for 3-year staggered terms [one (1) elected each year, serving a maximum of two (2) consecutive terms].  Additionally, the Membership Coordinator shall serve as an ex-officio member. The Membership Committee shall choose its own chair.


1) The Membership Committee shall be a leadership body providing vision, steering and support to the Membership sub-committees.  The Membership sub-committees are Stewardship, Fellowship, Welcome, Caring and Outreach.





Section 1. Duties and Qualifications

… (unchanged) …


Section 2. Calling a Minister


  1. a) Upon the resignation or dismissal of a Minister, the Congregation shall elect seven (7) members to constitute a Ministerial Search Committee. Any member receiving a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present and voting, shall be considered elected. Voting shall be by secret ballot. Voting shall continue until seven (7) of the nominees have received the two-thirds (2/3) vote required for The President shall call the first meeting of the Committee, at which time the The Congregation shall follow the Unitarian Universalist Association’s recommended procedures for selecting a Ministerial Search Committee. The Committee shall elect its own Chair.


  1. b) … (unchanged) …