Changes for DLFD Position

Director of Lifespan Faith Development (DLFD) Transition


The Board of Trustees has determined that it is not possible, at this time, to balance the congregational budget with our current, full-time DLFD position.  Based on our projected income for the coming year, it is time for UUCB to shift to a 30 hr/week religious educator.

This will mean that, beginning in July, some current DLFD responsibilities and tasks will go undone or will shift to volunteers, and the position will be restructured. 

This transition is happening at a time of many other changes, within the congregation and in the society at large.  Our demographics are changing, as are volunteer resources and the ways in which people are able to engage in faith development.  It is going to take some time and intentional work to determine how best to structure the new position, and how else we might do the work of faith development, to meet the needs of the congregation. 

Therefore, the Board is recommending in this budget the creation of a 1-year, full-time Transitional DLFD (T-DLFD) position, funded partially with non-sustainable sources (UUCB reserves and the Sabbatical Fund), so that our current DLFD (Ann Kadlecek) and the congregation can work together for one year on this transition. 

During 2017-18, Ann will still do the standard work of the DLFD (cut back to fit within 30 hrs/week).  Ann’s remaining hours will be used for transitional tasks, which include working with the congregation to:

  • determine which religious educator work is the highest priority for us at this time
  • determine which religious educator work might be transferred to volunteers and what support will be needed
  • craft a job description that accurately describes the religious educator work going forward
  • determine whether Ann will remain in the new position past June 2018, and if not, support the search and staff transition process
  • update outdated policies

Ann has agreed to work in this capacity for the next year, and is looking forward to this transitional work with the congregation. 

We will to complete the shift to the 30 hr/week staff position effective July 2018.