Funding our Renovation Vision: Next Steps Weekend June 2,3,4 2017

The UUCB Board adopted the recommendation of the Building Funding Committee to hire a capital campaign consultant to assess the campaign “readiness” of our congregation. The last time UUCB held a capital campaign was 17 years ago and that one was small. This consultant, Barry Finkelstein, is part of a group of consultants (Stewardship for Us) recommended by the UUA. He sent us references and examples of how much money he has helped other congregations raise. He has worked with 50 UU congregations over the past 10 years.

The first step is for us to hold a “Next Steps Weekend” where he comes to talk to as many of us as possible. He encouraged us to do this weekend now while renovation issues are fresh in peoples’ minds and to have ample time in the Fall to ramp up for a Spring 2018 capital campaign (should his assessment be positive!)

Therefore, the Building Funding Committee has engaged him to do this “Next Steps Weekend” June 2,3,4. There will be various meetings and events happening, but the most important part of the weekend will take place on Saturday June 3, from 9am to 1pm. Barry wants to meet with 5 groups for about an hour for each. The groups will consist of

  • Recent past presidents (separate group by themselves)
  • Stewardship, annual budget drive, treasurer, finance, endowment, planned giving
  • Facilities, including building & grounds, building program planning
  • Membership, leadership development, administration
  • Key programs for families, adults, youth, and children, such as RE, social justice, outreach, denominational connection, music

The Building Funding Committee will be calling people we know who are involved in these activities. We also ask that anyone involved in the any of the above please contact Gay Canough (, 607-435-0461) if you are planning on attending. You will NOT have to be there for the entire morning, only for an hour of that time. The exact schedule is being worked on.

On Saturday, June 3 at 2pm in the Fireside Room, there will be an opportunity for all interested in learning more about the capital campaign process to meet with Barry and ask him your questions.

On June 4 (Sunday) Barry will be attending our Town Hall meeting about the 2017-2018 UUCB budget and will be available for more discussion with any interested congregants. This weekend is a perfect opportunity to ask Barry anything you want about capital campaigns. How do they work? What can we expect? How have things gone at other churches? and so on. Barry will be sending us a report on what size and type of campaign he thinks we are ready for.